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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

  • Listening to: sounds
  • Reading: writing
  • Watching: with my eyes
  • Playing: on the computer
  • Eating: Food
  • Drinking: Liquids
I stole this from my Dansk bro Matthias! :D

1. Relationship status : Single :D

2. Last Relationship : Ended in 2016
3. Bestfriends : I don't really have one. :iconkyrrsen: and :iconhumonoidwolf: are my closest ones on here :D
4. Do I miss someone : Yes :I
5. Height : about 5'7 (Somewhere there)
6. Eye color : Green! :heart:
7. Favorite Food : Spaghetti bolognese I am a dummy! I am a dummy! I am a dummy! I am a dummy! 
8. Crush: I don't have one Meow :3 
9. Birthday: 22/02/1997
10. Do I miss my last relationship: Ye
11. Am I the jealous type: Sort of? idk. I've never thought about it
12. Ex I would take back: hmmm 
13. Someone I hate: Trump Donald trump facial expressions 
14. Someone cute: :iconsimplyshygundrak: is a cutie 
15. Last time I cried: Ohh I think it was when I went to hospital at the start of October 
16. Something I hate: LIES!
17. Something I love: Cuddles :cuddle: :snuggles: Nuzzling cuddle Cuddling Practice :cuddle: 
18. Longest relationship: I think it was 2 years
19. Shortest relationship: 3 days (like that freaking counts! :XD: )
20. Who do I miss: I miss a lot of people
21. Girl best friend: :iconmummytoesther:
22. Guy best friend: :iconkyrrsen: (on here)
23. Ever changed in a car: Nope
24. Do I believe in love: I believe in love for food
25. Something random: Lugia's my bitch
26. Favorite holiday: CHRISTMAS Merry christmas everybody 
27. Do I give second chances: I would yes
28. Have I fell in love: I have, but now I'd rather avoid that for now :D
29. Someone I trust with my whole life: :iconolliekyusu:
30. Nickname: Potato 
31. Elementary school: Harelscott
32. Tall or short: Meh Shrugs 
33. Sweats or jeans: Jeans are my favourite thing :D
34. Orange or apple: Apple 
35. Eat or drink: Drink
36. Piercings: My ears 
37. Pepsi or coke: Coca-cola mate
38. Been in an aeroplane: Sure, I love to fly :D
39. Been in a relationship: Yeee....
40. Been in a car accident: Luckily, not yet 
41. Been in a fist fight: A few time yes...I'm not proud of it, but they deserved it :P
42. Celebrated Halloween: YES Spooky Skeletons 
43. Went over the minutes/texts on your phone: I've never had them
44. Wanted to smack someone upside the head: The urge has happened a few times in my life :XD:
45. Eaten a whole pizza: Yes, I finally managed to do it the other week with :iconblekee: *proud*
46. Did something you regret: I try not to think of things to regret, but I honestly have too many
47. Broke a promise: I'm pretty sure I have, but I really try my hardest not to.
48. Hid a secret: We all have secrets 
49. Pretended to be happy: Many times. I'm just glad I'm not pretending now

Firsts & lasts:
50. First piercing: Ears
51. First best friend: :icon1996naruto:
52. Last person I talked to in person: My boss
53. Last person I texted: Albin
54. Last friend I watched a movie with: :iconblekee:
55. Last food I ate: Cake
56. Last movie I watched in theaters: Moana/Viana
57. Last song I listened to: Come to me - les miserables original London cast
58. Last thing I bought: Cigarettes...(I'm quitting)
59. Last person I you hugged: :iconblekee:

60. Drink: Pineapple juice :D
61. Flower: Orchids Orchid - Bullet [Left] Orchid - Bullet [Right] 
62. Animal: Wolf, fox or cat
63. Colour: PURPLE! Lovedrunk Lovedrunk Lovedrunk Lovedrunk Lovedrunk 
64. Place: My bed Jumpin' On the Bed 
65. Movie: Rush hour 1
66. Subject: Science, art, English or Maths
67. Hobby: Art and horse riding :D
68. Book: Cut by Cathy Glass
69. Author: Cathy Glass
70. Tv show: Animals of Farthing wood :heart:
71. Month: October :3
72. Band: TVXQ
73. Memory from last summer: Hanging out with a really close friend of mine
74. Actor: Jonny depp
75: Actress: NO CLUE

My future...
76. Want kids? : It depends, I've always said I've wanted 2 boys and 1 girl though...
77. Want to get married?: Depends
78. Career: Competitor

79. Tea or coffee: HOT CHOCOLATE
80. Zombie or Vampire: Vampire Dracula cannot do it 
81. Hoodies or long sleeve: hoodies :heart:
82. Chocolate or chips: Chocolate I guess
83. Addiction: Hugs and cuddles are my life source
84. Confession: I can get into states of manic depression 
85. Someone who is always there for me: :iconkyrrsen: will always have a place in my heart for talking to me that night :heart:
86. Who makes me laugh: Albin and :iconpokeed: 
87. Who makes me smile: EVERYONE Happy dance! -Markiplier Free2use Happy dance! -Markiplier Free2use Happy dance! -Markiplier Free2use Happy dance! -Markiplier Free2use Happy dance! -Markiplier Free2use Happy dance! -Markiplier Free2use 




My immune system is a piece of shit...
I'll scan my art when I'm in England, so then they look a bit more decent
I'm going to bed early tonight. Goodnight peeps
Rock climbing has defeated me.
Ouch, my back


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